Hotel Pantai Mas - The Bali Experience
Temukus Bay, Lovina
Bali, Indonesia

A magical reflection of the essence
of Bali religion and culture


A place where we can meet interesting and friendly people...

Beautiful surroundings of nature in its full diversity...

Where you can experience the great hospitality of the Balinese culture...

Have a massage or health treatment...

Share ideas, fruits and food at the restaurant...

Swim in the pool or in the ocean...

Experience Balinese gamelan music and traditional dances...

Meditate in the meditation hall...

Sit and contemplate under the stars, rest your body and mind...

Or just…

Wonder off in the local area with its lovely little art shops,
restaurants and cafes…

"Being there for you is our natural way"

Pantai Mas offers her visitors:

a safe, pleasant, quiet place to relax and/or experience Balinese culture, depending on your own wishes;
child friendly surroundings;
facilities that have been adapted to the needs of our disables guests;
a diversity of large rooms and apartments (14) with a view of the sea or garden, private terrace and private bathroom. Everything is lovingly decorated in an atmosphere of natural colours and materials;
a spaciously set up area of more than an acre, including several patios in different styles;
a large swimming pool (also adapted to children and disables guests);
a lush flower garden with plenty of secluded spots in the shade;
a private beach with a safe (shallow) sea and a beautiful coral reef at swimming distance;
Yoga, free of charge;
a variety of options for day trips (temples, waterfalls, hot springs, shops, markets, amazing dive locations) in the direct surroundings;
a restaurant with varied, delicious and healthy dishes, made up from different cuisines and traditionally prepared;

calm, loyal and friendly staff.

Room 2 pers. incl. breakfast from 26 euro excl. tax /surcharge.

Would you like to experience Balinese culture, join in traditional Balinese (temple) ceremonies or simply enjoy the Balinese hospitality?

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Nr 1 of Specialty Lodging Temukus
North Bali

Zoover Highly recommended

2014 & 2015 Nr 1 Hotel in

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