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Pantai Mas January 2017

Dear Friends

With joy we send you this news letter, on behalf of Dayu and the Pantai Mas family.

The past summer Dayu was in The Netherlands, where she was invited to join the 'KIVA Roots of the Earth Ceremony' as wisdom keeper.

Kiva Roots of Earth 2016

Also gatherings were organised in five different towns in The Netherlands, where Dayu gave teachings. She shared her wisdom from the heart, prayers, the kundalini breathing execises she has developped and a beautiful mantra. The gatherings were all 'fully booked'! and have left a lasting impression on all participants.

Some of them have already known Dayu for a long time, from a visit to Pantai Mas in Bali, some had met her at the KIVA Ceremony and for some it was a first encounter.

The gatherings were so full of love, joy and gratitude! It was beautiful to be touched by Dayu's strong and stable energy of pure love and peace, which reminded us of the pure love and peace inside ourselves.

Dayu feels very grateful for the chance to come to The Netherland and share her teachings with all of you in this way. She passes on many heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined the gatherings, opened their hearts and shared their time and presence. Especially grateful she feels towards the people who made the evenings possible by generously providing the locations.

During this time, an idea was born to create a special trip to Pantai Mas in Bali: a retreat, where Dayu wants to offer her teachings and practise. Pantai Mas is Dayu's and her family's home base on the North coast of Bali, a 'spiritual abode', a place of peace, truth and beauty.

So, we are very happy to offer you this possibility and welcome you to join us on the

"Dharma Sunya Dharma Gita retreat"

The trip will be from March 26th to April 9th 2017. Click here if you like to have more information.

With love, in peace

Annalies, Wietske
and the Pantai Mas family



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