PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
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~ Being there for you is our natural way ~

History of Pantai Mas


Pantai Mas is a special place, containing a magical reflection of the essence of Bali. Pantai Mas is beautifully situated on the north coast of Bali, in between the sea, the rice fields and the mountains. Lot of love and hard work has been done to transform the place from a ramshackle ruin into the paradise as guests and visitors call it nowadays.

Pantai Mas was founded in 2002 by Evert Halbesma.

Pantai Mas has by now taken on a special role in the region. For example, enterprise is stimulated and Pantai Mas is a centre for spiritual development. Pantai Mas also plays a part in keeping and guarding the traditional culture of Bali.

Pantai Mas in Bali is managed by Dayu (Ida Ayu Purnamawati). In this she is assisted by Jero Tata.

From the Netherlands Dayu (Ida Ayu Purnamawati) and Pantai Mas are supported by Erik Veldhuis (bookings and planning), Wietske Friezen (language and newsletters) and Arjan van Breemen (finance and legal).


In the past years many projects have been initiated, often financed by the Dutch foundations Sho-Na or Ilmu Kebatinan, by Pantai Mas itself or from private funds. Several projects have by now been rounded off or turned over.

Starting point from Pantai Mas in providing assistance and support is to respond to a request for help and the needs of the people and the community, instead of offering standard activities.

Examples are:

Education to students about sexually transmitted diseases has been given from Pantai Mas during a period. To speak about such issues openly is really not possible within the Balinese culture, but in a suitably indirect and discreet way we have been able to contribute to consciousness and knowledge.

Students, Playing & Praying

Currently running projects of Pantai Mas:

Enhancement of diversity within the own culture
At Pantai Mas premises you can find a small Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a Christian (Maria) chapel and an animistic sacred altar. A Muslim prayer room is still planned to be built. In this way people from different religious backgrounds within the community are brought into contact with each other, giving an opportunity for greater mutual understanding and respect.

Ecotourism is a responsible and conscious way of travelling to natural authentic areas, preserving (and where possible restoring) the environment and improving the welfare of local people. At Pantai Mas we aim to take in consideration and hold in balance all of these factors when organizing trips or activities for our guests. Guests can experience the authentic culture, from respect for themselves and their surroundings. For example, you can join the local fishermen who work with traditional fishing methods, or you can work in the rice fields and plantations with the local farmers.

Spiritual tourism
Spirituality knows many definitions, so it also does in tourism. 'Spiritual holidays' to India for example have been popular for years. This phenomenon now seems to be on the rise in Bali and deservedly so. At Pantai Mas we want to contribute to an honest, heartfelt and respectful way of spiritual tourism. On this spiritually very special island visitors can encounter enriching and broadening experiences. A group trip along some of the most special spiritual places on Bali, with room for relaxation, meditation and reflection, is being prepared. Bali remains a remarkable and very suitable place to refind yourself, in the essence with that which is and in the pace that suits your flow. We would like to invite you from our hearts to come and experience this.

Education project
The education project offers young people the opportunity to follow a vocational training. The criterion for a choosen vocational training is that, after succesfull completion of the training, the younger can start working directly. The younger only will be supported by a vocational schooling that is in demand in the labor market. Young people who are eligible for support are school leavers who want to do a vocational training, youth from "rural" areas who have succefull finished their elementary and continuing school and basically have no posibilities to do a vocational training and youth that comes from disadvantaged family situations. Support will include grants in the form of tuition fees (per semester and paid directly to the school) and providing for tools and cloths necessary for the training.

Tools project
Also this project is aimed at supporting youth in disadvantaged situations so that they are able to provide in their and their families sustenance. Young people who come from school and want to start working within the craft market (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons etc.) needs to have their own set with the required craft tools. This project aims to support youth with the purchase of the necessary basic tool set required for performing the craft. A young person who wants to be eligible for this support must have completed their vocational school succesfull, have a job offer for at least one year and comes from an area with little chanse.

Pantai Mas before becoming…

... was a dream, a vision floating towards reality. It is now the meeting place of many energies around the same source, the union of many hearts within the same reality.

Evert once had a dream of a place that would reflect the aspirations of the heart. A place of dignity, happiness and love, of meeting and encounters, where peace flows with the sounds of the wind, the ocean, the flowers under the palm trees and the stars. A timeless area of universal energy that stimulates all senses, true reflection of the essence of every religion and culture.

Pantai Mas' ultimate objective is like the pathway of the Buddhists, to complete the transformation of the inner, into compassion and altruism, and into the desire to be there for others.

Pantai Mas is that serene garden where the soul of the heart is cultivated.

- Jro Tata


Open, accessible and sensitive,

At Pantai Mas
spirituality is experienced as an  individual path of transformation and purification,the path  of the heart,
of  love in all it's forms,
of becoming conscious,
of continually loosening the ties of unusable conditionings and deformations.
So that eventually the personal will  merges with the Divine Will.
Becomes one.

For us spirituality doesn't signify "floating in the sky' or seperation
and there are  no strict meditation practices or a retreating from daily life or society.
Also no elevated master with crowds of followers.

We advocate a spiritual path that corresponds with human nature, towards a reachable ideal of a fully realised human being, leading a modest life of service in society.
Practical approach and mysticism go hand in hand,
just as human and holy, 
social and spiritual.
Spirituality as it is experienced here is socially engaged,
open, accesible and sensitive.