PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
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~ Being there for you is our natural way ~


Pantai Mas, a place to refind yourself

Pantai Mas is an excellent and friendly place for retreats, (family)holidays and winter getaways. Western people and local people (also from the other islands in Indonesia) like to come here to rest, recharge and refind their inner balance.


Different forms of ecotourism and spiritual tourism are stimulated and made possible here. Just by spending a holiday here as a normal tourist one already supports the work for the people, because 7% of the income from tourism goes towards social projects.

A stay at Pantai Mas, whether shorter or longer, is adapted to the individual wishes and needs. If you want to stay at Pantai Mas or if you'd like more information, please contact us. Prices on demand. Special rates are possible when staying for a longer period.

Combinations are also possible, for example: workshop + holiday + first/further acquaintance with the old animistic and Hindu tradition.

We offer space and flexibility, in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and in respect for what is there.

NB: To avoid disappointments, please contact us well in advance for reservations, because of possible groups/courses.

There are no rules on PANTAI MAS,
only the presence of love,
compassion and kindness,
which we share with you.


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