PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
PANTAI MAS Spiritual Centre
The Bali Experience ®
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Learning, growing, enjoying

A variety of workshops and courses are given at Pantai Mas, covering a broad range of subjects. For example a course in Balinese cooking, a painting workshop, a yoga course, a traditional full moon ceremony at a local Hindu temple or a workshop in personal development.

The centre offers pleasant surroundings and good facilities for hosting groups during a course or workshop. We already cooperate with trainers/therapists from different countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Planned in 2017

Dharma Sunya Dharma Gita retraite:
We are very happy to offer you the possibility and welcome you to join us on this retreat on Pantai Mas which will be from March 26th to April 9th 2017. The retreat has been planned at a special time in the year, which includes two traditional festive ceremonies: Nyepi, the Balinese New Year, and Galungan, the festival where good wins over evil. 'Dharma' means knowledge, obligation, good or path. 'Sunya' means quiet, empty, moksa. 'Gita' means song or melody. With this retreat you have an opportunity to go back into yourself, relax, re-align your body and soul, and encounter the riches of Balinese life on many levels.

Under guidance of Dayu (see also the blog / news page of this site) a program will be held of daily meditation, kundalini breathing exercises and chanting. Beside this also some nice excursions are planned and, of course, there will be enough time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The retreat includes the 14 day stay at Pantai Mas centre. A maximum of 14 participants can join on the trip.

Became curious?

If you are interested, like to have some more information, want to sign up for the retreat, receive the full program & details, or if you have any questions,
please send an email to Annelies ( or Wietske (

Yoga & meditation
It is possible to practice yoga and meditation together during your stay at Pantai Mas. We regularly do this early in the morning, at sunrise. Besides this any other time of day is also possible. For those who are experienced, and also if you are a beginner and want to learn, we can guide/teach you. Please let us know your wishes.

Full moon workshop
3-day spiritual workshop. We visit a Balinese Hindu temple in the traditional way to bring offerings and pray at full moon. Including preperations for the temple visit (preparing offerings, fitting traditional clothes, if you like fasting / cleansing).

Diving Workshop
specifically for people who have never dived before and have a fear to do so. This experience turns out to also have a healing effect on fears/anxiety in general. The workshop is given by a very experienced English-speaking dive instructor and personally coached by Evert.

Diving at Pantai Mas The Bali Experience
The magical world of Bali can also be seen under water. Do you want to immerse yourself in this amazing environment? Pantai Mas offers diving posibilities all year round, in cooperation with a local dive school. In addition, we often have experienced divers staying at Pantai Mas (especially in the months of June, July and August) who love to share their knowledge and experience in snorkeling and diving. Whether you are a real water lover or feel afraid of going into the water, it is possible for everyone to experience the beauitful underwater world. Because of the pool on the premises and our location directly by the sea, combined with personal attention, every snorkeling or diving activity becomes an experience you won't forget. For more info click here.

Inipi / Sweat Lodge
At Pantai Mas we regularly do an Inipi or sweat lodge ceremony, in a unique way that combines the Indian and Balinese traditions. Click here to read more

Balinese ceremonies
In addition to praying at the temples, like at the full moon, there is the possiblity to experience certain traditional Balinese initiation and purification ceremonies. Click here to read more about this workshop.


Are you a trainer, teacher or coach and interested in giving a course or workshop at Pantai Mas? Please contact us, so we can explore wishes and possibilities together.

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